Human Knee Explorer for teaching

Knowledge transfer is based on optical processing. What is attractive to look at arouses interest – and makes content comprehensible. Complex relationships are first and foremost clear in the life sciences only through didactically well-developed illustrations. Human Knee Explorer offers even more: all the important anatomical structures of the knee, from bones, muscles and tendons, to nerves and vessels can be taught and learned interactively. In the detailed and high-quality 3D model, any areas of the knee can be separated and viewed from all directions.

Human Knee Explorer for your lesson

Choose the language: German, English or Latin. Label and colorize arbitrary structures.

Human Knee Explorer with your content

  • Import your images
  • Media library with your text and videos
  • Knowledge quiz adapted to your lesson

Dynamic presentations

Create dynamic presentations tailored to your teaching content. Import your own media for vivid and individual presentations.

Flexible licenses

Human Knee Explorer is available in different variations. Combine licenses, depending on the scope of functions for teachers and students.

Your benefits


  • Share knowledge clearly and vividly
  • Increase success by visual learning
  • Examine with tests


  • Give exciting and dynamic presentations
  • Explain content individually
  • Insert your own media